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Owned and operated by longtime music business professionals, Paris Images is not your Grandfathers screenprinting company .. we are a rock n' roll printing company, specializing in last minute, low run orders.


We understand the need to cater to fast re-runs and holding screens.

Let us sponsor your band. For 25% discount off full price job, we will print a small tasteful logo on your shirt sleeve or inside neck, whichever works better with design.

Paris Images is very hands-on and artist friendly. Unlike many companies who are rigid in their turn-a-round times and minimum runs, we work with many artists and designers to get started in the apparel business. As such, we print many samples for production specs and for trade shows.

We work with many event companies for one of kind promotional items, including pillows, guitar straps, plexi-glass menus and table tops, umbrellas, branded ambassador costumes and anything else they can think of.

We will try to print on anything once!


Paris, Eva, Timmy, Max, Diva and Patches. RIP Baci Boo.

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